We accept orders for our pork year round, however, we are a small farm and it may take up to a year to receive your pork from the date of order.  The reason for this is that we may have to wait until we have pigs born to grow one out for you.  We can only sell pork by the whole, half, or quarter hog per state regulations. Please call or email for more info on what cuts you can expect with your order.

Accepted forms of payment:  At this time, we accept PayPal, checks, or cash as payment.  Please call if you have any questions regarding payment.


Chicken is usually available year round, although we are occasionally sold out for brief periods of time. Whole chickens are from 4-6 lbs. We are only allowed to sell poultry in the State of Florida at this time.


  We only take special orders for Thanksgiving turkeys that weigh between 15-20 lbs.  Thanksgiving turkey orders must be placed NO LATER than March 1st.  Our turkeys are a heritage breed that takes many months to reach table weight. We sell whole birds in the State of Florida.

How to place an order:  Orders may be placed by email or over the phone.  We will respond promptly to all orders placed with approximate dates for fulfillment.


Piglets are available approximately 3 times per year.  We wean our piglets from 6-8 weeks of age, depending on growth.  All piglets will be wormed before leaving the farm. Piglets must be picked up from the farm. The price of piglets varies greatly on breed and size, from $75- $150.  Piglets can be purchased after 8 weeks of age, the price then will be based on weight.

Day old chicks are available by special order year round. It will take approximately 2 months from date of order to receive your chicks. We sometimes have mixed flock hatches at a discounted rate if you like to be surprised as the chicks grow up!  Chicks can also be picked up from the farm if you live close by. We will ship day old chicks anywhere in the United States, however, if you live in a state other than Florida, Alabama, Georgia, or South Carolina, we will only ship Express or Overnight mail.  This is for the safety of the chicks and peace of mind for you.  We will give you a shipping quote for your area before your order is finalized.