Pigs were the first animals we had on the farm.  With their remarkable intelligence and personalities, they quickly became a permanent fixture.  Now, we can't imagine life without them!

   We raise and breed our pigs naturally with our main focus being meat quality.  We have selectively bred our pigs to achieve this goal.  Our pork is 75% Berkshire and 25% Duroc.  After many hogs raised, (and tasted!)  we have found that this particular ratio offers a fairly faster weight gain while still maintaining exceptional flavor. We also have 100% Berkshire pork available in limited quantities.  Berkshire meat is outstanding in flavor and texture, with beautiful marbling. We offer whole, half, or quarter hogs. Please understand that we are a very small operation and will grow your meat hog specifically for you.  It could be up to a year before your pork is ready for pick up.